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topic posted Sat, July 8, 2006 - 8:23 AM by  Arcangel
Who here enjoys Linder Chocolates?
Up until recently, I just thought that they made those tasty and wonder Linder know what I mean? Those wonder round little chocoalte Truffel Balls of goodness that come in a variety of delicious flavors...I typically found them at the check-out counter at such places as Barnes & Noble and Borders Book Store
I recently found that they have Outlet Stores!!!
Yep!! I was shopping at the Mega Huge Outlet SHopping Mall here in South Florida and came across a Linder Chocolate store!!
Wooooo Haaaaaaaa!!
Inside I discovered that they have a HUGE assortment of different Linder Truffels...where you could by them individually OR in pre-made bags! (Like Giradelli does witht heir squares) AND I discovered that they also make Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Squares!
I was like a kid in a Candy Store...actually!! I was in a Candy Store!! LOL!!
What are your favorites?

I am
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    Mon, August 28, 2006 - 11:27 PM
    Linder is one of the very short list of companies that make a DARK chocolate bar with WHOLE almonds. My fave, no doubt. (hersheys and nestles doesn't count...)Good that you found them, they have much to offer. Now go see if you can find some Chocmod truffles from France - Trader Vics sometimes has them. They are worth the trouble to order if you like little truffle balls, and believe it or not they are fantiastic without breaking the bank. Stick to the plain unflavored ones at first.
    Much cheaper than zchocolates or chris elbow chocolates, which are sold for their beauty AND flavor and command $50 per box but will impress the hell out of your girl.

    Zcat (can barely speak as he stuffs his mouth with chocolates and slowly lets them melt together and...)

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